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​​About The BioAg Alliance

The BioAg Alliance is a unique partnership between Monsanto and Novozymes. Working together, we are focused on catalyzing the development of new microbial solutions to transform agriculture.

Microbial-based solutions are derived from various naturally-occurring microbes such as bacteria and fungi. They have been successfully used to replace or complement traditional fertilizers, and applied in industries ranging from personal healthcare to food processing. Today, microbials make up about two-thirds of the $2.9 billion market for agricultural biologicals.

The BioAg Alliance is researching the next generation of microbial-based solutions. These inoculant and biocontrol products can be applied on broad acre crops such as corn and soy, and on fruits and vegetables to help plants take up nutrients, and defend against pests, disease and weeds. You can learn more about existing products

Check out this video to learn more about our unique partnership.



The BioAg Alliance brings together two powerhouses of innovation to work synergistically to bring forward new microbial solutions in agriculture. 

The result is a comprehensive discovery, development and commercial collaboration to help farmers globally meet the challenge of producing more with less in a sustainable way – for the benefit of agriculture, consumers, the environment and society at large.

Each partner brings significant expertise:

  • ​Novozymes brings an established product portfolio and strengths within microbial discovery, application development and fermentation to this partnership. 

  • Monsanto brings a highly-developed seeds and traits discovery machine, a global field-testing network, regulatory expertise and an extensive commercial footprint. 
​At its most basic level, The BioAg Alliance was established to discover, develop and sell microbial solutions that enable farmers worldwide to increase crop yields with fewer inputs. Learn more about how it works below.

How the Alliance works 

The BioAg Alliance is a collaboration that brings together best in class talent, research, facilities and technology available in the microbials space. We are looking for researchers and other partners who are interested in collaborating with us to enable microbial solutions.
Although each partnership is unique, working with The BioAg Alliance offers the potential of Novozymes’ strengths within microbial discovery, application development and fermentation and Monsanto’s highly-developed seeds and traits discovery, field-testing and extensive commercial network.

The process provides an unmatched ability to take ag microbial products from idea to market.

Discovery research is a strength for both companies. That’s why Monsanto and Novozymes will maintain independent research programs to identify microbial targets with the potential to help farmers. 
Novozymes will be responsible for production and supply of the microbial solutions to Monsanto, while Monsanto will lead field testing, registration and commercialization of all Alliance products.

In addition, The BioAg Alliance strives to bring a flexible and smooth technology transfer process and access to some of the listed joint capabilities.
A key component to the success of this model is the ability to test microbial strains on a scale never attempted before. The Alliance is committed to getting leads into the field quickly and with access to the broadest and most diverse field testing network with sites around the world, including 170,000 plots in more than 50 sites in 2014. We doubled the number of plots in 2015.    
Through this “fi​eld first” strategy, partners receive a thorough evaluation of each microbial strain. Here's a look at The BioAg Alliance 2015 U.S. Microbial field plots.


​What we’re looking for

The BioAg Alliance is looking for partnerships with academics, public institutions and other companies who are looking at the power of microbes.

Regardless of the stage of discovery, The BioAg Alliance has technology validation capabilities to determine which microbes and enabling technologies may be able to play a role in the next innovation in agriculture. Take a look at some of our partnership priorities:

We look forward to working with you!


Get in touch with The BioAg​​ Alliance


Collaboration is the secret to success for The BioAg Alliance. 

The first step in partnering with The BioAg Alliance is to set up a meeting with our team. 

For technical inquiries, please review our tech priorities before sending an email to one of The BioAg Alliance representatives below. Please include only nonproprietary information about your organization, and our team will determine the next steps.

Ryan Rapp​
, Monsanto

Svend Petersen,

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