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Nothing beats first-hand knowledge. With Trial Experience Videos, you’ll hear directly from growers using Monsanto BioAg™ products in their local BioAdvantage Trials. Through regular updates, you’ll follow the in-season stories of growers as they experience the benefits of innovative microbial solutions — helping you make more informed decisions.


2017 BioAdvantage Tr​ials Introduction


BioAdvantage Trials Video Series

​The BioAdvantage Trials Video Series is a collection of authentic grower stories released throughout the season about how Monsanto BioAg™ products have helped growers achieve better performance.
Experience the behind the scenes journey spanning 6 states, 5 Monsanto BioAg products and 4 crops today!

​Early Season


Kip Roberson - North Carolina - Corn & Soybeans

Second-year participant Kip Roberson is willing to try anything on his farm. After testing QuickRoots® Technology on his corn and soy, Kip is sold on how well the product helps improve plant health and performance.


James Bookhart - South Carolina - Corn, Soybeans & Peanuts

For James Bookhart, it’s important to be on the cutting edge of new agricultural technology, which is why he trials microbials products like QuickRoots® Technology and TagTeam® LCO XC Technology.


Zeb Winslow - North Carolina - Corn & Cotton

First-year participant Zeb Winslow is an avid proponent of no-till and understands the importance of soil health. That’s exactly why he’s eager to test microbial products like QuickRoots® Technology on his corn and cotton.


Ben Fast - Minnesota - Corn & Soybeans

DEKALB® & Asgrow® farmer Ben Fast knows that under the right conditions, new technology can give him huge advantages in the field. He’s testing QuickRootsⓇ Technology, and is already seeing improvements on different fields.


Eric Kronbach - Minnesota - Soybeans

Eric Kronbach always struggled to grow soybeans in the tough Minnesota soils. After seeing success with QuickRoots® Technology, he has a new outlook on what the future holds for his operation.



Nick Emmanuel - Nebraska - Corn & Soybeans

JSecond-year Monsanto BioAg™ trial participant Nick Emmanuel relies on data and analytics before he applies anything to all of his fields. After a successful first year, Nick is applying QuickRoots® Technology to every Monsanto variety he’s planted.


Chad McDaniels - Nebraska - Corn & Soybeans

Chad McDaniels, a Fontanelle grower, was excited to test microbial products like TagTeam® LCO XC Technology. He knows they’re backed by extensive research from a leader in agricultural technology — and he’s excited to see how they perform in his fields.



Darcy Nickel - Kansas - Wheat, Corn & Soybeans

Second-year participant Darcy Nickel likes seeing how new products work across the varied conditions in his fields. After testing QuickRoots® Technology on his crops, Darcy is sold on how well the product helps improve plant performance.


Mike Sieck - Kansas - Wheat, Corn & Soybeans

Mike Sieck was in search of a solution that would not only help maximize his fertilizer investment, but also help increase his yields and improve overall plant health. That’s why he tested QuickRoots® Technology.


Jared Flanagin - Kansas - Wheat

Jared Flanagin was looking for products that would help him improve root strength, plant health and ultimately seed performance. That’s why he signed up to test QuickRoots® Technology on his wheat.

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