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Nothing beats first-hand knowledge. With Trial Experience Videos, you’ll hear directly from growers using Monsanto BioAg™ products in their local BioAdvantage Trials. Through regular updates, you’ll follow the in-season stories of growers as they experience the benefits of innovative microbial solutions — helping you make more informed decisions.


2017 BioAdvantage Trials Introduction


BioAdvantage Trials Video Series

The BioAdvantage Trials Video Series is a collection of authentic grower stories released throughout the season about how Monsanto BioAg™ products have helped growers achieve better performance.
Experience the behind the scenes journey spanning 6 states, 5 Mo​nsanto BioAg products and 4 crops today!

​Early Season


Kip Roberson - North Carolina - Corn & Soybeans

Second-year participant Kip Roberson is willing to try anything on his farm. After testing QuickRoots® Technology on his corn and soy, Kip is sold on how well the product helps improve plant health and performance.


James Bookhart - South Carolina - Corn, Soybeans & Peanuts

For James Bookhart, it’s important to be on the cutting edge of new agricultural technology, which is why he trials microbials products like QuickRoots® Technology and TagTeam® LCO XC Technology.


Zeb Winslow - North Carolina - Corn & Cotton

First-year participant Zeb Winslow is an avid proponent of no-till and understands the importance of soil health. That’s exactly why he’s eager to test microbial products like QuickRoots® Technology on his corn and cotton.


Ben Fast - Minnesota - Corn & Soybeans

DEKALB® & Asgrow® farmer Ben Fast knows that under the right conditions, new technology can give him huge advantages in the field. He’s testing QuickRoots® Technology, and is already seeing improvements ondifferent fields.


Eric Kronback - Minnesota - Soybeans

Eric Kronback always struggled to grow soybeans in the tough Minnesota soils. After seeing success with QuickRoots® Technology, he has a new outlook on what the future holds for his operation.



Nick Emanuel - Nebraska - Corn & Soybeans

Second-year Monsanto BioAg™ trial participant Nick Emanuel relies on data and analytics before he applies anything to all of his fields. After a successful first year, Nick is applying QuickRoots® Technology to every Monsanto variety he’s planted.


Chad McDaniels - Nebraska - Corn & Soybeans

Chad McDaniels, a Fontanelle grower, was excited to test microbial products like TagTeam® LCO XC Technology. He knows they’re backed by extensive research from a leader in agricultural technology — and he’s excited to see how they perform in his fields.


Dale Larsch - South Dakota - Soybeans

For South Dakota grower Dale Larsch, testing microbial products isn’t only about bushels this year, but bushels in the coming years. That’s why he’s evaluating TagTeam® LCO XC Technology from Monsanto BioAg™ with the BioAdvantage Trials.


Mike Sieck - Kansas - Wheat, Corn & Soybeans

Mike Sieck was in search of a solution that would not only help maximize his fertilizer investment, but also help increase his yields and improve overall plant health. That’s why he tested QuickRoots® Technology.


Michael Hicks - Illinois - Soybeans

As as High-Yield Specialist, Michael Hicks understands the importance inputs like Monsanto BioAg™ products play in maximizing each acre’s yield potential. That’s why he conducts trials for TagTeam® LCO XC via the BioAdvantage Trials.


Jason Pitcher - Illinois - Corn

For Channel Seedsman Jason Pitcher, knowing how products perform before they hit a customer’s field is critical, not only to his success, but to the success of his growers. That’s why he participates in the BioAdvantage Trials each year.



Darcy Nickel - Kansas - Wheat, Corn & Soybeans

Second-year participant Darcy Nickel likes seeing how new products work across the varied conditions in his fields. After testing QuickRoots® Technology on his crops, Darcy is sold on how well the product helps improve plant performance.


Jared Flanagin - Kansas - Wheat

Jared Flanagin was looking for products that would help him improve root strength, plant health and ultimately seed performance. That’s why he signed up to test QuickRoots® Technology on his wheat.


Chad McDaniels - Nebraska - Corn & Soybeans

With another season of BioAdvantage Trials under his belt, Fontanelle Hybrids® dealer, Chad McDaniels evaluates his above-average corn crop and the role QuickRoots® Technology played in its success.  

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