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​Hear from Monsanto BioAg™ growers, dealers and retailers about the benefits and yield successes they'​ve experienced while using our products.​


Maximize Your ROI with Monsanto BioAg​


Jeff Brown, Blue Mound, IL

Jeff Brown shares his thoughts on how biological products, like the ones offered by Monsanto BioAg, will help his operation in terms of sustainability and ROI. If he can increase yields and decrease fixed costs, that makes him more profitable.

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Microbials Solutions for Better Results


Randy Dowdy, Valdosta, GA

You have the right bacteria in the soil to get great results, especially if that land hasn't had soybeans on it for a few years. That's why Randy Dowdy relies on microbial solutions to help him grow healthy plants and boost yield potential.

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QuickRoots® Success Stories - Brian Hefty, Ag PhD


Brian Hefty, Baltic, SD

Brian Hefty of AgPhD talks about how he encourages his customers to do side-by-side trials with QuickRoots®. That’s how he did it himself. He knows the difference that QuickRoots can make in root growth, overall plant health and of course in added yield gain.

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Choosing the Right Inoculant​


Trenton Olson, Agronomy Sales Specialist at CHS, SD

Inoculant is a broad term, and there are so many different varieties, so how do you know which one to choose? For Trenton Olson, it's about trusting the product, the name and the results. "There may be a lot of snake oils out there. But being with Monsanto BioAg, you know the product is true."

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QuickRoots® Root Dig Comparison


Mat Muirheid, Oakley, IL

Mat Muirheid used QuickRoots® for the first time in 2015 and was impressed with the results. He performed multiple root digs of plants with and without the biological and noticed greener, thicker stalks and deeper, more advanced brace roots, which told him the product was working.

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​​​​ ​​​

The Benefits of Using Monsanto BioAg™ Products as Both a Farmer & Seed


Craig Converse, Arlington, SD

Craig Converse shares why Optimize® brand inoculants are products that he’s not only tested on his own fields, but now recommends to customers.

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Confidence In The Monsanto BioAg™ Package


Craig Converse, Arlington, SD

Craig Converse discusses the future of microbials and his confidence in the Monsanto BioAg™ package.

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Optimize®: A Product That Lasts


Craig Converse, Arlington, SD

For Craig Converse, the 120 days of seed coverage from OptimizeⓇ brand inoculant is more than just a guarantee. It’s the driving force behind his soybean crop’s health.

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Overcoming Skepticism of Biologicals


Brian Hefty, Baltic, SD

Brian Hefty of AgPhD talks about how he had to be convinced that biological products, like QuickRoots®, could bring yield gains to his operation.

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QuickRoots® Shows ROI on Test Plots - Trygve Lien


Trygve Lien, Castalia, IA

Trygve Lien shares test plot results with his customers that show how QuickRoots® can add to a farmer's bottom line. He won't plant any corn without QuickRoots.

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Seeing the Benefits of QuickRoots®


Casey, Guiles, Union, IA

About 3 years ago, Casey Guiles' yields started to level out. He watched several AgPhD episodes where they were talking about QuickRoots® and decided he needed to try it for himself. "I have a 24 row planter. We used QuickRoots on 12 of the rows. At harvest, every row was 6, 8, 10 bushels more!"

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Confidence in Monsanto BioAg


Roy Wendte, Altamont, IL

Monsanto is making significant investments to bring beneficial microbes to agriculture. And because it’s such a well-respected company with proven results, the Monsanto name means a lot to growers, even if they’re first-time customers. Roy Wendte of Illinois gives his opinion.

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Results in Soybeans


Don O'Connor, Burbank, SD

Don O'Connor trusts TagTeam® LCO in his soybeans and has used microbial products on his farm for the past six years. He trusts Monsanto because he is looking for the highest yield potential and has seen results.

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Advantages of Optimize® Brand Inoculant on Wisconsin Soil


Brad Kremer, Pittsville, WI

Brad Kremer depends on Optimize® technology to help his soybeans emerge out of the cooler Wisconsin soil sooner.

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Microbes: The Center of an Evolving Industry


Brad Kremer, Pittsville, WI

Wisconsin grower, Brad Kremer discusses the impact microbes can have on his bottom line and the ever-changing industry of agriculture.

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Seeing Results With Monsanto BioAg™ Products


Brad Kremer, Pittsville, WI

Brad Kremer shares his experience using Optimize® and QuickRoots® brand inoculants from Monsanto BioAg.

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