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Increase phosphate availability to support early vigor

JumpStart® Technology seed treatment can increase the availability and uptake of phosphate. The naturally occurring fungus Penicillium bilaiae grows along plant roots, releasing phosphate that has been bound to minerals and soil particles, so this critical nutrient is more available to your crop.

Improved phosphate availability:

  • Enhances early vigor
  • Bolsters root and shoot growth, supporting greater stress tolerance and earlier, more uniform plant development
  • Improves yield potential

Give Your Wheat’s Performance A Head Start


The Benefits of Using JumpStart® Technology

Improved phosphate availability. See why maximizing nutrient availability is critical.
Improved plant nutrition enables plants to better handle environmental pressures.
Better potential for winter wheat survival through enhanced root systems.
Active in cool soil temperatures when phosphate is less available, which can help get the crop off to an early start.

How It Works

Penicillium bilaiae releases bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate, making it more available for the plant to use.

Product Details

JumpStart® Wettable Powder for Wheat
Active Ingredients Packaging
720 million (7.2 x 108) cfu/g Penicillium bilaiae 4 x 2.0 oz (57 g) container 10.0 oz (285 g) container

Application Rates

Application rates and bare seed planting windows
2.0 oz (57 g) container
Crop Seed inoculated by one 2.0 oz (57 g) container Approximate water volume Planting window (bare seed)
Wheat 2,400 lb, 40 bu (1,100 kg) 7.6 quarts (7.0 litres) 30 days
10.0 oz (285 g) container
Crop Seed inoculated by one 10.0 oz (285 g) container Approximate water volume Planting window (bare seed)
Wheat 12,000 lb, 200 bu (5,500 kg) 38.0 quarts (35.0 litres) 30 days

Always read and follow label directions

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Put the power of nature to work in your fields.

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