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Harnessing the Power of Nature​

By 2050, the planet’s population is estimated to grow from seven billion to nine billion, while the area of our farmable land is expected to shrink. Simply put, this means we’ll need to produce more with less to feed the world. An answer to this challenge can be found in the natural benefits of microbes – which represent the next s​tep in sustainable agriculture solutions.

Complementing the existing plant and soil treatments available to you, microbial-based products offer a variety of real benefits, like improving crop nutrient uptake, providing disease protection and insect control, and ultimately protecting and maximizing your yield potential.

Harnessing the power of microbes takes commitment, patience and expertise. Monsanto BioAg – as the innovation leader in the marketplace – is committed to providing microbial-based solutions that help you produce more with less and meet the demands of an ever-growing world.​​

Bringing New Solutions to
Modern Agriculture

Agricultural biologicals are on the verge of transforming modern agriculture.


The microbial-based solutions now available to you are the result of a strategic alliance between Monsanto and Novozymes. The BioAg Alliance is unique to the industry; bringing together Novozymes’ capabilities for discovering, developing and producing microbial solutions with Monsanto’s strengths in microbial discovery, advanced biology, field testing, product commercialization, service and support.

The result is a portfolio of microbial-based biological solutions – sold through Monsanto BioAg.

The World We Share

Microbes are everywhere: in the air, the water and your soil. See how microbes play an important role in helping you produce more with less ​in a sustainable way – an important objective that benefits agriculture, consumers, the environment and society as a whole.  


Monsanto BioAg:
Our Mission

As a leader in agriculture technology, Monsanto BioAg is committed to offering proven and effective biological solutions that enable growers worldwide to help maximize and protect crop yield potentials.



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