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Our New Lineup of Seed Applied Solutions Offerings

There’s good news to report about Monsanto BioAg™ products and Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions: Your options are expanding. And it’s now easier than ever to choose the right combination for your operation. Watch the videos below to learn about our new lineup of customizable offerings, including some exciting technologies being introduced for the 2017 growing season.

Seed Applied Products for Soybeans

Help your soybean plants start strong and stay strong. Build onto any of the three tiers with hard-working microbial products, a seed finisher, and/or added protection, for an all-in-one solution with the coverage and benefits you need.


Seed Applied Products for Corn

Defend your corn crop from early- and mid-season threats, and get the most out of every acre with whole-bag solutions for corn. One of the three customizeable tiers includes Enhanced Disease Control, new in 2017. Add microbial products onto any offering to make your fertilizer dollars go further.


See More Product Details

Microbial-based products from Monsanto BioAg include:

Learn more about Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions for corn and soybeans.

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