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500 Trillion new farmhands* - ready for work.

Microbes are tiny, naturally occurring microorganisms, and there are trillions of them living beneath your feet. Through industry-leading research and development, Monsanto BioAg is harnessing the power of these hardworking microbes and focusing them for application in your field.

Our microbial products are made from microbes that can work alone or complement your existing growing methods. They can offer real benefits to you, like increasing nutrient uptake in your crops, enhancing root and shoot growth, and helping your crops better withstand stress throughout the growing season, ultimately protecting and maximizing your yield potential.


*Potential number of soil- and/or plant-borne microbes that may exist in a field. Actual numbers may vary based on field size and crop.​

Dr. Robb Fraley, Chief Technology Officer for Monsanto, and Jeff Brown, grower and Monsanto employee from Blue Mound, Illinois, discuss how and why microbes are such a crucial piece in feeding a growing population. With microbial-based solutions from Monsanto BioAg, growers can produce more with less and meet the demands of our ever-growing world.



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