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Heavy Rains and Saturated Fields Raise Concerns for Soybean Growers

Monsanto Seed Applied Solutions Offers Tools to Growers to Protect Soybean Crop

​As rain gauges rise across the Midwest, so, too, are farmers’ concerns about disease and nutrient pressures due to the ongoing heavy rains that have left fields saturated entering planting season. Cool, wet soils are not ideal for soybean performance and plant health, and with continued rain and snow in the forecast it seems growers will need to use every tool in their toolbox to overcome these unpredictable and unfavorable planting conditions and reach the best possible yield.

Monsanto Seed Applied Solutions Launches Augmented Reality Root Mass Experience at Commodity Classic

Monsanto Seed Applied Solutions will be unveiling a first-of-its-kind augmented reality root mass experience at Commodity Classic in Anaheim, California on February 27. This display allows viewers to explore hidden threats that reside below ground and how Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions and Monsanto BioAg™ products work together to manage the impact of yield-limiting factors and support vital plant processes from the start.

Monsanto BioAg Recommends Double Inoculation Plan For Soybean Spring Planting

​As growers begin their soybean spring planting, special attention needs to be paid to field conditions and planting history, as they can present critical growing challenges, such as reduced nodulation and low rhizobia populations. To help combat these issues, Monsanto BioAg experts recommend growers double inoculate their soybean seed prior to spring planting.

Input Buying for Biological Products

​November is here, harvest is underway and growers are already considering inputs for 2018. When making these critical input-purchasing decisions for the upcoming season, growers want to know they are choosing the right products for their needs, while trying to get a favorable return on their investment.

QuickRoots® Technology Works to Help Improve Nutrient Availability in Winter Wheat Crops

​As growers consider planting decisions for their winter wheat crop, selecting the right products is crucial to ensure the best possible performance. QuickRoots® Technology, a line of microbial seed inoculant products in the Monsanto BioAg™ portfolio, works to improve nutrient availability and maximize yield potential in a variety of soil conditions and types.

Monsanto BioAg Launches New Season of BioAdvantage Trials With Video Content Series

​Monsanto BioAg™ recently launched the 2017 season of the BioAdvantage Trials, which allows farmers and retailers to experience commercially available products to gain a better understanding of how Monsanto BioAg products will work for a variety of crops in specific regions.

Monsanto Seed Applied Solutions Launches Immersive 360-Degree Video Demonstration During Farm Progress Show 2016

Growers attending Farm Progress Show 2016 will be among the first to experience 360-degree video technology that is an entirely new way to see underground crop development and the protection needed from harmful pests and disease pressures. As the viewer tilts the camera-based technology up, down, left and right, they will see how technology based on naturally-occurring microbials works seamlessly with conventional seed-applied products in an innovative new way to combat pests and increase plant health.

The BioAg Alliance Targets 250-500 Million Acres by 2025

Monsanto BioAg is leading the world’s largest research program to develop the next generation of microbial products. In 2015, more than 2,000 microbial strains were tested across 500,000 field trial plots in more than 50 locations in the United States. The top microbes from this research increased corn yields by 4-5 bushels per acre and soy yields by 1.5 bushels per acre.

The BioAg Alliance Readies New Microbial Solution to Improve Corn Harvests

Researchers From Monsanto And Novozymes See Progress In U.S. Field Tests, Plan To Launch Corn Inoculant In 2017.

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