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Learn How to Treat Using Monsanto BioAg™ Products

Monsanto BioAg™ products come in a variety of sizes and​ formulations to fit seamlessly into any operation. They’re also compatible with innumerable seed treaters and products. Bret Gygi, Technology Development Lead, goes behind the scenes to explain each step of the treatment process and offers best practice advice for dealers, retailers and growers.

How To Treat Corn

For corn, we demonstrate how to apply our talc-based dry planter box formulation of QuickRoots® microbial seed treatment to corn seed using a Changing Times applicator. This method is easy and convenient - requiring very little extra effort. 


How To Treat Soybeans

For soybeans, we walk through the dealer-applied treatment process for both Optimize® XC and TagTeam® LCO XC brand inoculants. These new, extra-concentrated formulations deliver the industry’s lowest application rate of 1.5 fl. oz/100 lbs. of seed. And they come in 2 sizes - 1 x 400 or 5 x (2 x 40) - to fit any treatment need.



Individual results may vary, and performance may vary from location to location and from year to year. This result may not be an indicator of results you may obtain as local growing, soil and weather conditions may vary. Growers should evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS. Monsanto BioAg & Design™, Optimize®, QuickRoots® and TagTeam® are a trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2016 Monsanto Company. ​

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