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TagTeam LCO  

TagTeam® LCO​

Three powerful technologies combine to build a better crop

TagTeam® LCO is the only triple-action granular inoculant that combines a specially selected Rhizobium inoculant with the phosphate solubilizing Penicillium bilaiae fungi and the proven performance of LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology for increased nitrogen fixation.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Greater opportunity for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules.
  • Increased nitrogen fixation and uptake through nodule formation.
  • Greater availability of soil and fertilizer phosphate.
  • Improved phosphate availability, which supports root and shoot growth.
  • Higher yield potential.

How the technology works

Freeing Phosphate
Penicillium bilaiae releases bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate, making it more available to the plant.

More Nitrogen
  1. Needing nitrogen, the plant releases flavonoids to signal rhizobia.
  2. Sensing the flavonoids, the rhizobia signal LCO back to the plant.
  3. The plant can respond to the LCO, allowing the rhizobia to infect its roots.
  4. This infection can create nodules, which help fix atmospheric nitrogen.

TagTeam LCO is available in a granular formulation for peas and lentil crops.

TagTeam LCO is only available in Western Canada.​​​​​​



Product Information (Western Canada)


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