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JumpStart ®

Order your canola seed pre-treated with JumpStart!

JumpStart delivers enhanced phosphate availability for incr​eased root growth and a larger leaf area.

With and without JumpStart  

Canola field photos taken July 2014 near Meacham, Saskatchewan. Individual results may vary.

JumpStart is an inoculant containing the naturally occurring soil fungus Penicillium bilaiae (P. bilaiae), which grows along plant roots, releasing phosphate bound in the soil, making it more available for the crop to use.

Penicillium bilaiae, the active ingredient in JumpStart, does not eliminate the need for phosphate fertilizer, but provides crops access to more phosphate for higher yield potential

Better phosphate uptake with JumpStart

JumpStart promotes greater phosphate availability, which results in early vigour, greater stress tolerance and earlier, more even maturity and ultimately higher yield potential.


Key benefits at a glance

  • Increased availability of soil and fertilizer phosphate
  • Enhanced early vigour
  • Increased root growth
  • Earlier, more uniform maturity
  • Higher yield potential

How the Technology Works

Diagram of how JumpStart works

Freeing Phosphate - Penicillium bilaiae releases bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate, making it more readily available for the plant to use.

JumpStart Trial Summary

Crop # of Trials Yield Differences
bu/ac % of Control
Canola 71 2.1 6%
Pea/lentil 38 3.6 11%
Spring wheat 153 2.0 5%
Winter wheat 19 4.7 7%

Source: Results from 281 independent large-plot research trials in Western and Eastern Canada show that JumpStart inoculant averaged 6% higher yield across all crops over 28 years. Individual results may vary.

JumpStart is available on the following canola hybrids in 2018.

InVigor L255PC
InVigor L233P
InVigor L140P
InVigor L135C
InVigor 241C
InVigor L252
InVigor L230
InVigor L157H
dupont pioneer 
45H31 RR
46H75 CL
45H76 CL
45S56 RR
45H33 RR
45M35 RR
45CS40 RR
45CM36 RR
45M38 RR
45H37 RR
D3155C RR
D3154S RR
D3156M RR
75-65 RR
74-44 BL
75-42 CR
75-45 RR
Nexera Canola 
1012 RR
1020 RR
1022 RR
1024 RR
1026 RR
2020 CL
2022 CL
2024 CL
2026 CL
Victory Hybrid Canola 
Proven Seed 
PV 540 G
PV 533 G
PV 530 G
PV 200 CL
Crop Production Services 
PV 540 G
PV 533 G
PV 530 G
PV 581 GC
PV 590 GCS
PV 560 GM
PV 200 CL
Red River 1861
Canterra Seeds 
CS2200 CL

All crops

Wettable Powder
400g bottle
JumpStart bottle
Wettable Powder
80g bottle
JumpStart box
18kg bag
JumpStart bag


Wettable Powder
57g bottle
JumpStart box

JumpStart is not crop specific. JumpStart colonizes (grows along) the root system rather than infecting the root, so you do not have to purchase a specific type of JumpStart for a specific crop. Please see Table 2 for a list of registered crops and their application rates. Please read the label before application for complete use instructions.

JumpStart is available in a granular formulation for canola, barley, flax, mustard, oat, pea, lentil, soybean, wheat and canary seed.

Table 1: JumpStart granular application rates

Package Size 18kg (39.68lbs) bag
Row spacing ac/bag lb/ac
6 in 6.6 5.5
8 in 8.8 4.1
9 in 10.1 3.6
10 in 11.0 3.3
12 in 13.4 2.7

JumpStart is available as a wettable powder that is mixed into water and applied to the seed as a liquid. Once JumpStart is mixed into the water, apply to the seed within six hours.

Water volume rates vary according to the type of seed treated. These water volumes can be adjusted according to your application methods, as long as the correct amount of JumpStart is applied to the seed. Please see Table 2 for approximate water volume rates.

When tank mixing a seed treatment with JumpStart, the total liquid volume should equal the water volume listed in the table. Example: if you are using JumpStart on wheat, the total water volume required is 10 litres. If you are tank mixing with a seed treatment with an application rate of 5 litres per 60 bushels of wheat, then you only need to add another 5 litres of water for a total liquid volume of 10 litres per every 60 bushels of wheat treated.

Apply the JumpStart suspension to seed when transferring seed from the bin or bag to the truck, or from the truck to the tank or seed cart. Applicators used previously for pesticides should be triple rinsed before being used for JumpStart application. To improve coverage on small-seeded crops like canola, mustard, alfalfa and sweetclover, we recommend using a batch-treating system or purchasing pre-treated seed where available.

JumpStart can be applied up to 30 days prior to seeding (depending on seed type) and can be used with many different seed treatments.

Table 2: JumpStart ® wettable powder application

Container size 400g container 80g container
Crop Seed treated/container Water
Seed treated/container Water
bu lb bu lb
Alfalfa/sweetclover - 1,100 10 - 220 2
Canola/mustard - 1,000 10 - 20 2
Chickpea 400 - 30 80 - 6
Corn 70 bags* (5,600,000 kernels) 19.6 14 bags* (1,120,000 kernels) 3.92
Dry bean 300 - 25 60 - 5
Lentil 300 - 25 60 - 5
Pea 500 - 40 100 - 8
Soybean 300 - 25 60 - 5
Wheat 300 - 50 60 - 10

*80,000 kernels per bag.

Table 3: JumpStart ® wettable powder application.

57g (2.0oz) container
Crop Seed treated/container Approzimate water volume
Soybean 50 units (1,135kg, 2,500lb, 50bu) 3.5 litres (3.9 US quarts)

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