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Learn about the impact that microbes have on plant health.

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Monsanto BioAg Canada

Our Vision: Sustainable Innovation to Feed the World

The technologies and solutions profiled here are the result of a strategic alliance between Monsanto and Novozymes. 

The BioAg Alliance brings together two world leaders in agricultural innovation and microbiology to develop new microbial products for agriculture to boost productivity and further support the management of natural resources on the farm. 

These new solutions are now available commercially from Monsanto BioAg. Monsanto ​BioAg is proud to offer JumpStart®, TagTeam®TagTeam® LCO, Optimize® ST, Cell-Tech™, Nitragin® Gold and QuickRoots™, the leading biological solutions that you’ve come to rely on in your operation*. 

And while we’re excited about our current product offerings, we’re motivated even more to discover and develop new solutions that will take the category of microbial-based ag biologicals to a completely new level.

These biological products that are based on microorganisms or plants that work to supply nutrients, control pests or improve crop health and productivity.

Nature. It’s powerful technology.

*Product availability will vary within Eastern and Western Canada​​​​​​​​

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